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  • Food/ Clothing Program: Families who have recently encountered a hardship can apply to receive food and clothes through this program. You must be able to prove that you encountered a hardship within the last 60 days and MUST apply to get assistance. 
  • Career skill development workshops: Held weekly (once) 9-5pm. Offers resume writing, interview techniques, dressing for success and also perform assimilated interview sessions to ensure people are adequately prepared to interview for a job and retain it. 
  • "Jewels & Gems" Apprenticeship/Internship/Mentoring Program: Someone once said " A child's life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark" The Jewels and Gems Internship & Mentorship Program provides opportunities for youth (our jewels & gems) ages 14-19 to be active participants in their own future by interning with major for profit Corporations over the course of a year. Youth who choose to enter the mentorship portion of "Jewels and Gems", will be mentored by an Executive within the for profit sector in an area of the company the youth finds most interesting to him/her. 

Youth who enter the job placement portion (Intern) of the program will be provided with a job placement advocate who will work with the youth to ensure success by coaching the youth in job readiness skills, respecting self and others, planning and reaching goals, communication skills, advancing at work and school, getting and keeping a job, managing money, taking care of your health and celebrating success. Additionally, the job placement advocate will work to match a prospective youth employee with an employer. many of the youth will find placement with some of the employers they have had the opportunity to intern with or be mentored by. If a youth is interested, he or she can intern for or be mentored by a non profit corporation. Youth must be in school or have gradated high school to be eligible for participation in this program. Inspire and promote productivity and socially responsible activities to youth through sports and Entrepreneurship. 

  • Financial Literacy: Coordinate seminars, conferences, and summits to educate low wealth individuals and communities on civic responsibility, character building and literacy. . Develop programs that organize and mobilize distressed communities to collaborate with local business to create synergy and collaboration strategies. 

​that the community can work together to sustain itself and provide for all its residents. This program will teach residents how to participate in a relationship based program, how to keep track of the deposits and withdrawals to their virtual bank, and how to get what they want and need through the process of giving and serving others. 

  • ​"Using Our Voice" Community Engagement Initiative: ​Gail Sheeny has said, "If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living." Change can occur by scrutinizing and working through the venue of public policy. Public policy can be generally defined as "the course of action or inaction taken by governmental entities (decisions of government) with regard to a particular issue or set of issues." This initiative teaches residents on how to recognize their voice, thoughts and intentions to bring to fruition a more just, prosperous, safe and economically viable community by understanding public policy and engaging their city, state, and federal government representatives and legislators.

​​North Carolina residents will learn how to identify the systems within their community which need to change, what the change should look like and how to propose an alternative system to replace the one that is failing. Community members will learn how to develop white papers (an authoritative report or guide that often addresses issues and how to solve them) to be presented to city, county, and state government leaders and other organizations, as well as develop public speaking skills. Residents will enhance their understanding of holding each other and themselves accountable as it relates to voting in local, state, and national elections for the good of the community as a whole. Community organizing skills will also be developed through this initiative. 

Please keep in mind that for any of the programs listed above, when you apply this DOES NOT guarantee that you will get the service/services you apply for. Due to the high volume of individuals needing assistance we are not able to help everyone. However we will help as many people as we can. We are able to assist at least 90% of the people who come to our Organization. When everyone else says NO we say YES, this is where we make the difference.