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"shavannah speaks moore"


Shavannah Moore has always been a compassionate person. As a child, she grew up with her grandmother in a little country town by the name of Oxford, located in North Carolina. Growing up with her grandmother was nothing but love, guidance, and understanding. Her grandmother had a heart so big that it was hard to not become infected by such a generous spirit. Constantly out helping community families with food, clothing, and mentoring with her family; Shavannah learned quickly that treating others the way you want to be treated was not always a rule in everyone’s book. Learning to cook with her grandmother and also being engaged in local church services was another contagious passion for Shavannah. Church was a place of healing, as she was encountering hardships outside of the church which she remained silent of until her teenage years. Shavannah has conducted several interviews and truly believes that mentorships are something that communities really need. She has not always felt loved by her parents, and felt for years that she was different than other children who had their parents around.  shavannah is on a mission to share her story with the world through her transparency and her organization.  now!! "shavannah speaks moore"
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